Les Gens III (Erasmus Tampere Finland)

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Hey Everybody...

We are really proud to present you the third and last episode of the trilogy  "Les Gens". We tried to increase the number of people in it and this episode shows movies and pictures of more than 240 people...

Thank you all to have sent us pictures of you. Unfortunately everybody is still not shown in this movie. We apologize for the missing people.

Brice& Silvère Inc. is not responsable of the remarks made in this movie.


This movie will be available to download soon. Anyway, you can download the soundtrack of this movie here

Leave your comments.

Brice & Silvère.

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antoine 30/01/2007 22:55

Enorme !Le seul fait de mater cette vidéo m'a remis dans l'ambiance ;-) Ce semestre en Finlande était vraiment l'Expérience à vivre !Merci à toi Silvère pour ce témoignage, a quand le download ? ;)Bonne suite à toi mec.Antoine

Christine et Michel 29/01/2007 15:13

On va en rajouter une couche dans ce concert de louanges et on va se renseigner pour savoir s'il existe des programmes ERASMUS pour les plus de 50 ans

tibo 29/01/2007 14:59

yeah i love u too and blablabla.

Marie 28/01/2007 19:29

Merci you two!This is just wonderful, thank you a lot for this great video and thank you all for the wonderful time that you made out of these days in Finland...

raph 28/01/2007 18:15

wonderful video, unfortunately we are going to leave soon. It is the end of the story for many of us. We will keep a wonderful souvenir of this amazing semester in Finland.