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Films / Movies

Some movies are available to download. Follow the links below to get them:

Les GENS III (episode III of the trilogy)

Les Gens II (episode II of the trilogy)

Mega roxanne drinking game (New year party)

Mega roxanne drinking game II (New year party)

Alcohol (Spanish song)


Photos / Pictures

Some pictures are available to download. Follow the links below to get them (.rar folder). Maybe you will have a message: "link expired". then follow the instructions.


Group's picture 08/12/2006 (2/2)

Group's picture 08/12/2006 (1/2)

128 people on the picture !!! Thank you !!!



Party 02/12/2006: Mikontalo B 7


Party 01/12/2006 : Cabaret city center




Watch videoclips here

My adventure in finland (in french)



Silvere - Live from Tampere

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